A woman on the cusp of 40 who feels unsatisfied with her lot in life is told she has zero chance of ever having a baby. The one thing she has got going for her is her evergreen appearance, due in part to her Chinese ancestry. So when a group of freshman university students mistakes her for one of their own, the chance to forget her troubles and relive her youth proves too good to miss. 


Sophie started her career as an actress, starring in major Hollywood films such as Kick Ass and Wild Child, as well as Channel 4 hit, Fresh Meat.  Her debut autobiographical play Sophie Wu Is Minging, She Looks Like She’s Dead played at the Edinburgh Festival and Soho Theatre to rave reviews. She is now adapting it for House of Tomorrow/E4.  Her most recent play Ramona Tells Jim played at new writing powerhouse The Bush Theatre in Autumn 2017.